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Emerald is May's birthstone

Emerald is the most precious gem in the beryl family.

This colorful family includes Aquamarine (light blue), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (golden), as well as red and light green beryls.

Emerald owes its green color to Chrome or to Vanadium; still, geologically speaking, it is a true miracle of nature. An emerald formation implies a series of occurrences, namely, telluric movements, that subdue their liquid components to extremely high and extreme pressures and temperatures that mix by chance - the gradual decrease in temperature forms these beautiful crystals.

Usually, it has numerous inclusions, as well as cracks on the surface. When an emerald has no inclusions visible to the naked eye, it is considered perfect. Emeralds that have no cracks or breaks are extremely rare. Inclusions and cracks in emerald are known as "gardens" because of their appearance and are unique, gemologically speaking. They can even be used to identify the origin of a gemstone in particular.


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